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Magomaev, Muslim Magometovich


Born Aug. 17, 1942, in Baku. Soviet singer (baritone). People’s Artist of the USSR (1973).

Magomaev was born into a musical family; his grandfather was the composer A. M. M. Magomaev. He was a member of Sh. Mamedova’s voice class at the Azerbaijan Conservatory, graduating in 1968. Since 1963, Magomaev has been a soloist with the M. F. Akhundov Azerbaijani Theater of Opera and Ballet. In 1964-65 he was a probationer at La Scala in Milan.

Magomaev possesses a powerful voice and colorful temperament. His performance is distinguished by an expressive, elevated style. He often appears in concert and performs abroad. His repertoire includes operatic arias, Soviet and Neapolitan songs, and works by contemporary foreign composers and songwriters. He has composed a number of his own songs. At the International Song Festival in Sopot (Poland) in 1969, Magomaev won first prize. He has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

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Many famous performers come from Azerbaijan - Muslim Magomayev is beloved by the whole world .
On December 20, the 19th congress of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan was held at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall named after Muslim Magomayev.
In 1927, one of the founders of the national classical music, composer and conductor, Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan Muslim Magomayev (the grandfather of the singer Muslim Magomayev) invited the young talented Ahad to perform on the Azerbaijani radio.
The new Boeing B737-800 bears the name of Muslim Magomayev, an iconoc baritone operatic pop singer.
In subsequent years, Zulfugar Hajibayov ("Ashiq Garib", 1916), Muslim Magomayev ("Shah Ismail", 1919), Afrasiyab Badalbayli ("Nizami", 1948), Fikrat Amirov ("Sevil", 1955) and other well-known composers contributed to the national opera art.
It was noted that according to the decrees signed by the President of the country, various events will be held on the occasion of the outstanding artists Bulbul 120, Shovkat Mammadova's 100, Tofig Guliyev's 100, 75th Muslim Magomayev, 100th anniversary of Madumetay Sadigova, Agasadik Garaybeyli's 100th anniversary and many others.

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