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, mulla, mollah
(formerly) a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect



in Islam, a learned teacher or expounder of religious law and doctrines; usually chosen by a group of believers from among their own number.

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However, the Muslim clergy got wind of it and put up a protest that has developed into a full-blown campaign to persecute the Ahmadis who are receiving death threats, it added.
The State Commission for Religious Affairs has been tasked to monitor activities of Muslim clergy and sentiments of believers.
Summary: SRINAGAR: The Indian Muslim clergy which pitchforked itself in the Kashmiri crisis was in for a rebuff by the Kashmiri separatist leadership for their suggestions to deal with the dispute.
One was the Muslim " appeasement" particularly in evidence after the Congress government overturned the Supreme Court's award of alimony to Shah Bano under pressure from the Muslim clergy.
Rene-Samuel Sirat, the grand rabbi of France, suggested that prospective Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy undergo common seminary studies in the history of ideas, religious sociology and philosophy, while maintaining separate courses in theology and the study of sacred texts.
Reforms of the Spiritual Board of Muslims were discussed today at the meeting of Muslim clergy from all regions, Bishkek and Osh cities.
Another would see Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy undergo common seminary studies in certain areas, while a third proposal was for a standard oath for clergy to foreswear any religious justification of violence.
The roundtable discussion with heads of the oblast state administration, local government bodies, law enforcement agencies, Muslim clergy was held on September 24 in Naryn city.
During the protest actions that took place in Bishkek on April 7-8, Muslim clergy, including imams of mosques and religious leaders, did not urge people to calm down, while they were to do that first, Kadyr Malikov said.
Officials from government agencies, parliamentarians, representatives of Muslim clergy, public figures and leaders of women's organizations will participate in the roundtable.
The seminar on prevention of influence of religious and extremist movements among young people took place in the town of Jalal-Abad with participation of Muslim clergy and representatives of youth organizations.
Through website the Muslim clergy should elaborate its information policy, which would include official point of view regarding different issues of Islam development, would give general idea of Islam based on quality information in line with contemporary realities," Kadyr Malikov said.

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