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For persons thus named, use Mustafa.
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Political columnist Mustafa Ibrahim said: "The American decision against Haniyeh will not affect Hamas much, since the United States has classified Hamas on the list of terrorism for years, but at the same time it is a clear expression of the US bias against the Palestinian cause in favor of Israel.
The squad list of the Pharaohs includes 14 players: Abdullah Abdul Salam, Hussam Youssef, Ahmed Salah, Ahmed Qutb, Abdel Halim Fahim, Hisham Yousri, Mohammed Adel, Mohammed Mohsen, Ahmed Said and Mustafa Ibrahim, Ahmed Hamada, Ahmed Galal, Ahmed Abdel Aal and Mohammed Ramadan.
Palestinian political commentator Mustafa Ibrahim said with major issues, such as an election date and agreement on a common political agenda, still outstanding, Palestinians should be cautious.
It took Nadine and the other curators including Mustafa Ibrahim, Lubna AlOmran, Fidaa AlZaydani, Yusra Huwaida, Abdallah AlMajed, Khaled AlObaidat, Eman Huwaida and Hameeda Osman around six months of intensive research to prepare for the exhibition.
The Decree also appoints judges Abdul Nasser Abdul Aziz Juma, Abdulwahab Mohamed Al Shafie, Ali Ibrahim Kamona, Faraj Musa Al Galawi, Yasser Abdulrahman Al Feel, Habib Amer Ahmed Awad, Abdulhaleem Hassan Mohammed Abdulmuneam and Mohamed Mustafa Ibrahim Khalil in the First Instances Court.
Mustafa Ibrahim also excelled in his contest and won silver medal while Hasan Khalid grabbed the solitary bronze medal for Pakistan.
Forces also detained Mustafa Ibrahim, 18, from the southern West Bank district of Bethlehem.
Khalid Al-Jandan, the Undersecretary of the foreign ministry for Bilateral Relations; Osama Nugali, Director of Information Affairs Department at the foreign ministry; and Mustafa Ibrahim Al-Mubarak, Saudi ambassador to Indonesia.
Le Directeur de l'Administration des metallurgies traditionnelle s au Ministere des Mines, Mustafa Ibrahim a nie a la television que le ministere avait signe une convention internationale interdisant l'utilisation du mercure.
Israeli forces arrested Mustafa Ibrahim Abu Sror, 20, and Moath Tayseer Mashayekh, 21, after raiding their houses in the Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem.
Mustafa Ibrahim, a 49-year-old lawyer who heads the local chapter of the liberal Al-Dustour Party, says he went recently to the local governor and admonished him: "Nothing will change unless you change the people under you.
L'actrice egyptienne Leila Tahar, de son vrai nom Chroat Mustafa Ibrahim, est nee en 1942.