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For persons thus named, use Mustafa.
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Khalid Al-Jandan, the Undersecretary of the foreign ministry for Bilateral Relations; Osama Nugali, Director of Information Affairs Department at the foreign ministry; and Mustafa Ibrahim Al-Mubarak, Saudi ambassador to Indonesia.
Le Directeur de l'Administration des metallurgies traditionnelle s au Ministere des Mines, Mustafa Ibrahim a nie a la television que le ministere avait signe une convention internationale interdisant l'utilisation du mercure.
Israeli forces arrested Mustafa Ibrahim Abu Sror, 20, and Moath Tayseer Mashayekh, 21, after raiding their houses in the Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem.
Mustafa Ibrahim, a 49-year-old lawyer who heads the local chapter of the liberal Al-Dustour Party, says he went recently to the local governor and admonished him: "Nothing will change unless you change the people under you.
L'actrice egyptienne Leila Tahar, de son vrai nom Chroat Mustafa Ibrahim, est nee en 1942.
Among the killed terrorists were Mousa Bayour, Mustafa Ibrahim Bayour and a terrorist nicknamed "Abu Hameed".
The people want the butcher executed," said Mustafa Ibrahim, 37, referring to Sisi, as he marched with a crowd of several thousand on downtown Cairo under blazing summer sun.
Mustafa Ibrahim, a hairdresser said, "We cannot keep and afford to buy separate towels or tools, however we change blades for every single person.
Mustafa Ibrahim, forensic audit manager for the National Bank for Investment, said the index was unique in that it was founded upon Sharia standard number 21, released by the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions, which spells out regulations related to the trading of securities.
Mustafa Ibrahim, an Egyptian expatriate who retired from his job as an accountant in Jeddah after 40 years, has been trying to transfer his sponsorship to his youngest son who is a marketing expert in the private sector.
The doctrine emerged in 1964 due to the trial of Mustafa Ibrahim, a Turkish Cypriot accused of the attempted murder of a Greek Cypriot.
Mustafa Ibrahim Mustafaly, Longfield Avenue, Dalton.