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A very popular SQL-based relational DBMS for both Web and embedded applications. Pronounced "my S-Q-L," MySQL runs under all popular operating systems. The free, open source versions are available under the GNU license, and hundreds of millions of copies have been downloaded worldwide.

MySQL was originally available from MySQL AB, Uppsala, Sweden, which was acquired by Sun in 2008, and Oracle acquired Sun in 2010. Oracle offers the paid and more comprehensive Enterprise editions.

My Is Not "My" Database - It's His Daughter
Michael Widenius was the primary author of the software and co-founder of MySQL AB, and MySQL was named after his daughter My.

Extensive Language Support
Applications using MySQL are written in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++, C# and Visual Basic. The MySQL programming interface (API) is a superset of the C language API for mSQL, which was developed by David Hughes in 1994. See mSQL and SQL.
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Oracle will host MySQL Central @ OpenWorld from Sunday, September 28 through Thursday, October 2 at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.
Percona Toolkit allows DBAs to more easily manage MySQL and Percona Server
All versions of Linux/Unix and Windows MySQL servers are supported.
It also gives you instructions on how to use MySQL with other Netfirms' features such as PHP and CGI/Perl.
Other features that are available now in MySQL Version 4.
According to MySQL, both NuSphere Corp and Progress Software Corp sell proprietary, non-open source software.
Mertech already has Flex2SQL for MySQL product that allows DataFlex applications to work with MySQL without source level changes.
It is converters between the most popular databases: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2 and export tools for Adobe PDF to convert data into Microsoft Word, HTML, plain text, Microsoft Excel and XML.
Arkeia's early support of MySQL with its professional hot backup solution has resulted in fast, reliable and easy-to-use network backup for MySQL customers," said Bertrand Matthelie, director of Alliances at MySQL AB.
And because many of the same performance-tuning tricks work with InnoDB and popular proprietary databases, it's easy to switch to MySQL from a database like Oracle.
Graphical enhancements to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor's Query Analyzer help DBAs and developers to better pinpoint database queries to avoid performance problems.
Part of MySQL Enterprise Edition, MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.