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(World-Wide Web)
A social networking web site based in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

MySpace home.


A social networking site that focuses on music, movies, celebrities and games. It enables members to create a blog, share music, videos and photos and communicate via instant messaging and e-mail.

MySpace Was the Facebook of the Past
Founded in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, it very quickly became the major social networking site on the Web. In 2005, it was acquired by News Corporation for more than a half billion dollars. Although it was the most visited site on the Web in 2006, within a couple years, MySpace was overtaken by Facebook and continued to decline. By mid-2011, the site had lost about 80% of its unique visitors, and the organization was sold to Specific Media for a fraction of the price paid by News Corp.

A New Focus on Music
Specific Media acquired the site in order to target it for music and entertainment. With the capital "S" dropped in its name (MySpace to Myspace), it is a venue that encourages musicians to upload their music and communicate with fans. The forums were dropped, but the sharing aspects were continued. See social networking site.
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Through these and other recent partnerships, Myspace is creating a digital ecosystem that provides a rich portal for users to access mainstream, grassroots, TV and Internet-only content," said Ron Nielsen, general manager, Myspace.
The new Myspace also offers a persistent player, which anchors everything in music.
News Corporation-owned MySpace had already let users share updates in the form of real-time musings, comments, or observations at hot microblogging service Twitter.
would be available to all globe users of MySpace "within the next
They are also necessary for the long-term health and culture of MySpace.
In April, MySpace was ahead of Facebook with about 3.
We want our users to be able to access MySpace from any device," said John Faith, vice president and general manager of MySpace Mobile.
Millions of MySpace users have Verizon Wireless phones, and starting today we're giving them fast and easy access to our mobile site, at no additional charge," said Brandon Lucas, senior director of mobile business development for MySpace.
According to MySpace it has almost tripled the number of UK-based users following the launch of the UK site in April 2006.
The video system supplements audio filtering that MySpace already has in place to block unauthorised music uploads.
We selected Level 3 because of the proven performance of its network and Level 3's ability to support increasing high bandwidth demand," said Aber Whitcomb, chief technology officer of MySpace.
In July 2005 MySpace was purchased for $580 million by Rupert Murdoch--the media tycoon famous for using his journalistic properties as shills for war in Iraq [4], supposedly to give the world $20 oil (it is now over $70), but more likely in trade for U.