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C46H77NO19 An antifungal antibiotic produced by Streptomyces noursei ; used for the treatment of infections caused by Candida (Monilia) albicans.



an antifungal antibiotic. Nystatin is used in tablet form for the treatment and prophylaxis of candidiasis (seeCANDIDIASIS). A nystatin ointment is used externally.

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Blood feathers were disinfected with an alcohol swab and transported in 10 ml of calcium and magnesium free phosphate buffer containing 10% fetal calf serum and 100 units each of Penicillin, Streptomycin and Mycostatin on ice.
Included among these products are the well-known Bristol Myers Squibb brands: Bufferin, Capoten, Duracef, Kenalog, Mycostatin, Questran, and Velosef.
Among the products produced there are Capoten (TM), Velosef (TM), Mycostatin (TM), Kenacomb (TM) and Kenalog (TM).