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a city and center of Mirgorod Raion, Poltava Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, on the Khorol River (Dnieper Basin), 103 km northwest of Poltava. Railroad station on the Romodan-Poltava line; population 29,100 (1973). There is a factory for the manufacture of hardware, a groats combine, a creamery, a fruit cannery, a plant for the production of mineral waters, a poultry combine, a large mechanized bakery, and a building materials combine. There is a ceramics technicum and two professional technical schools. There is a museum of local lore. Mirgorod is the site of the D. Guramishvili Literature Memorial Museum.

On the outskirts of Mirgorod there is a balneotherapeutic and pelotherapeutic health resort. There are warm summers (mean July temperature is 20°C) and relatively mild winters (mean temperature is—6° to—7°C); the annual precipitation is 550 mm. Therapeutic remedies include waters containing chlorides and sodium salts, with the following chemical composition:

The waters are used for bathing and drinking and are also bottled. Peat pelotherapy is practiced. Treatment is provided for patients with metabolic disturbances and diseases of the digestive organs. There is a sanatorium and facilities for hydropathy and pelotherapy.

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Salford owns several mineral water brands and bottlers in Ukraine: Morshinskaya, Myrhorodskaya, Truskavetskaya, Stary Myrhorod, Sorochinskaya; Borjomi mineral water springs in Georgia, and Bambi and Knyaz Milos plants and brands in the Balkans.
For example, the first step in Poltava region can be the development of health resort Myrhorod and green tourism.