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wax myrtle

wax myrtle

Shrubby tree up to 30ft (10m) with waxy pointy leaves. Stays green year round. The tiny fruits are seeds with light-colored wax, often used to make candles. Ironically, the wax isn’t really edible, but the leaves, roots and bark are quite useful for gas, bowel and liver problems, ulcers, colds, illness, astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, immune booster.



a genus of plants of the family Myricaceae. Plants of the genus Myrica are small trees or shrubs with alternate whole leaves set with small aromatic glandules. The flowers either grow in spiky racemes or are single; they are small, usually unisexual, and without a perianth. There are 2-20 stamens and a superior gynoecium that is unilocular and made of two carpels, with one rudimentary seed. The fruits are drupaceous.

There are more than 50 species found in both hemispheres. In the USSR there are two species: bog myrtle (M. gale) grows in swamps near the Baltic coast; M. tomentosa grows in the maritime belt of the southern regions of the Far East. The American species M. pennsylvanica and M. cerifera are raised occasionally as ornamental shrubs. Some tropical species have edible fruits.


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In KNP in some cases grassland habitats can naturally transform into other threatened and rare vegetation types; for example, Molinia caerulea communities transform into Myrica gale shrubland.
Fresh and litter leaf diets consisted of a mixture of Borrichia, Iva, Quercus and Myrica leaves.
They each get a pounds 1,000 Fujitsu Myrica Pentium III computer pre-loaded with BT ClickFree, BT's free Internet access service.
The first correct answer drawn from the postbag on October 27 wins the pounds 1,500 Myrica and Fun Pack, the next 25 correct answers drawn win a Fun Pack.
Of the plants without NA, tamarack rhizosphere nitrogenase activity is not reported in the literature, but species of Myrica nodulate with Frankia to become diazotrophic (Troelstra and others, 1992; Young and others, 1992).
Table 2: Exotic Natural Waxes Common Name INCI or Botanical Name Apple wax Pyrus malus Bayberry (Myrtle) wax Myrica cerifera Chinese wax Fraxinus chinensis Chinese Tallow wax Sapium sebiferum Esparto wax Stipa tenacissim Ilex Wax Ilex paraguariensis Japan wax Cotinus Coggygria Orange Peel wax Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Wax Ouricouri wax Syagrus coronata Rice Bran wax Oryza sativa Sugar Cane wax Saccharum spp.
In 1995, a commercial midge repellent based on bog myrtle appeared on the market under the name Myrica.
SAN DIEGO -- Silicon Valley Bank (the "Bank"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley Bancshares, announced that it provided Myrica Networks, Inc.
WE'VE got four state-of-the-art Fujitsu Myrica computers, each worth pounds 1,000, to give away, each pre-loaded with BT ClickFree, BT's free and easy Internet access service.
Their new Myrica Plus range features Pentium 166MMX processor, 16 megabytes of EDO RAM, 2.
THINSOFT (USA) Inc's ('ThinSoft') software solution WinConnect is rapidly gaining market recognition for its versatility through its increasing deployment within the information technology (IT) network infrastructures of Fortune 500 companies such as Raytheon as well as small to medium enterprises such as Myrica Networks.