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Inflammation of the tympanic membrane.



inflammation of the tympanic membrane. Acute myringitis is caused by infection; it occurs most often in children. Symptoms include mild pain and a sensation of noise in the ear. Hearing is not significantly impaired. Chronic myringitis develops after an acute myringitis or with diffuse external otitis. Patients complain of severe itching and a sensation of pressure in the ear. The condition is treated with analgesic and antiseptic agents.

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Antimicrobials (topically or systemically) recommended for otorrhoea in the DoH guideline need to cover the majority of organisms encountered; be it due to otitis media, granular myringitis or otitis externa, as the primary healthcare worker is unlikely to distinguish between these causes of otorrhoea.
For example, granular myringitis can progress to medial meatal fibrosis or what is often called a "false fondus.
Among the latter are bacterial and viral diffuse otitis externa, furunculosis, herpes zoster oticus, bullous myringitis, fungal and yeast infections, and even malignant otitis externa.