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a genus of dioecious evergreen trees of the family Myristicaceae. The flowers are in racemose or umbellulate inflorescences. The fruit is a drupe. There are between 100 and 120 species of Myristica in the tropics of the Old World. The fruits of some species yield nutmeg and mace. The species most valued for yielding spices is the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans), which measures 9–12 m tall and has leathery leaves and light-yellow fragrant flowers. The yellow fruit is 6–9 cm long and has a fleshy pericarp containing a large seed with a branched, fleshy reddish aril. The nutmeg tree, which is native to the Molucca Islands, is cultivated in the tropics of both hemispheres. The seed, or nutmeg, and the dried aril, or mace, have a sharp, spicy flavor and a distinctive aroma. The spices are used in cooking and in the food-processing industry. The essential oils obtained from the plants are used in medicine (mainly in Oriental countries) and by the perfume and tobacco industries.


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However, for treatment of bone fracture, 100g bark of Crataeva nurvala was made into a paste along with 10g stems of Ichnocarpus frutescens, 10g roots of Achyranthes aspera, 10g roots of Sida rhombifolia, 3 heads of Anabas testudineusfish (Bengali: koi), 1 dried seed kernel of Myristica fragrans, and one spleen from a chicken.
Pharmacological studies on Myristica fragrans--antidiarrheal, hypnotic, analgesic and hemodynamic (blood pressure) parameters.
Myristica where abscess is swollen and accompanied by numbness of the area, especially suited for wisdom teeth in potency of 6X
This present study was, therefore, carried out to investigate the preservative properties of hot water extracts from three indigenous spices namely; Piper guinensis, (uziza), Xylopia aethiopicum (okada) and Myristica monodara (ehuru) on the chemical stability of smoke-dried catfish (Clarias lezera).
Igualmente esta especie se alimenta de las vainas y semillas, y en algunas ocasiones en ramas secas, de una amplia variedad de hospedantes entre los cuales los mas importantes son: el algarrobo Hymenaea courbaril (Caesalpinaceae), tamarindo Tamarindus indica (Caesalpinaceae), clavellino Caesalpina pulcherrima (Caesalpinaceae), nuez moscada Myristica fragrans (Myristicaceae), nuez del brasil Bertholletia excelsa (Lecythidaceae), yarumo Cecropia sp.
These forests are habitats of the lion- tailed macaques, king cobras, tigers, elephants and vulnerable Myristica swamp.
An analogy exists with nutmeg, from Myristica fragrans Houttuyn, which is used as a psychoactive drug and contains a number of aromatic ethers in the essential oil fraction, most notably myristicin (3-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxysubstituted) and elemicin (3,4,5-trimethoxysubstituted).
sajandi taimeleidudel (naiteks muskaatpahkli Myristica fragrance leid 13.
Flowering, sex ratios, pollen-ovule ratios, fruit set, and reproductive effort of a dioecious tree, Myristica insipida (Myristicaceae), in two different rain forest communities.
Other research findings using Glycyrrhiza glabra, Myristica fragrance and Zingiber officinale have displayed a link between memory improving effect and cholinesterase inhibition32.