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(veterinary medicine)
A virus disease of rabbits producing fever, skin lesions resembling myxomas, and mucoid swelling of mucous membranes.



an acute viral disease of rabbits characterized by conjunctivitis and formation of edematous-gelatinous tumors of subcutaneous tissue in the head and scrotum. Myxomatosis was discovered and described by G. Sanarelli in Uruguay in 1898. Cases have been reported in America and Australia; the disease was imported into Europe in 1952. Rabbits and hares are susceptible to the disease. The source of the causative agent is an infected animal. Biting arthropod insects (mosquitoes, fleas, sandflies) play the principal role in the spread of myxomatosis. The course of the disease is acute. The skin becomes edematous and gathers into folds, and the ears droop. The swelling of the eyes and the front part of the head gives diseased rabbits a characteristic “leonine look.” Mortality is 90–100 percent. There is no specific remedy for the disease. Recovery imparts permanent immunity.

Farms on which myxomatosis is discovered are declared infected. All diseased rabbits, as well as those rabbits suspected of having or transmitting the disease, are slaughtered, and their carcasses are burned. The meat of rabbits suspected of being infected is disinfected by boiling.

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McCarthy of Northwestern Memorial Hospital tested the Myxo device during its clinical trial between 2006 and 2007.
On July 16, 2009, the congressional liaison from the FDA wrote a letter to patient Antonista Vlahoulis deeming the Myxo device investigational.
So far, there are 667 patients with the investigational Myxo device who are still unaware of the surgical experiment.
WASHINGTON, May 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Edwards Lifesciences Corporation , the world leader in the science of heart valves, today announced the first clinical study results of the recently introduced Edwards Myxo ETlogix annuloplasty ring.
The Edwards Myxo ETlogix ring and the Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Magna Ease both demonstrate our ongoing commitment to product innovations that improve patient outcomes," said Anita Bessler, Edwards' corporate vice president, heart valve and cardiac surgery systems.
According to the study results, surgical treatment of myxomatous (Myxo) mitral disease with the Edwards Myxo ETlogix annuloplasty ring reduces MR.
The study focused on two groups of Myxo MR disease patients (128 patients total) who underwent primary mitral valve repair (MVR).
Since many Myxo patients are younger, typically in their mid-fifties, they often receive a mechanical valve, which requires lifelong anticoagulation therapy.
The newest addition to Edwards' comprehensive valve repair line, the Edwards Myxo ETlogix annuloplasty ring, is designed specifically to treat patients with myxomatous disease, a degenerative condition resulting in excess mitral valve leaflet tissue.
The combination of the new Myxo ETlogix ring and widely practiced repair techniques makes even the most complex myxomatous repair cases more straight-forward and reproducible," said Dr.