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A benign tumor composed of mucinous connective tissue.



a benign tumor made up of connective tissue and containing a large amount of mucus. Myxomas arise from residues of embryonic (mucous) connective tissue or from mucous transformation of fibromas or lipomas. They may be found in all organs, particularly in the extremities, subcutaneous tissue, and mesentery. Myxomas are treated by surgery; they may recur if not completely excised.

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Where myxoma is identified without preceding embolism, the subsequent risk can be evaluated based on echocardiographic morphology.
Recurrence has been reported in a review of 17 paediatric cases with myxoma reported between 1949 and 1987, following enucleation but not radical surgery (2).
Had the atrial myxoma been timely diagnosed, no suit would have been filed.
Bartley Griffith and James Gammie decided to remove all of the microscopic cells that might develop into benign tumors known as atrial myxomas.
The researchers had found that myxoma makes proteins that bind and inhibit chemokines, chemicals that attract immune cells to sites of injury or infection.
Myxoma a benign globular neoplasm, is the more common coronary intracavity cardiac tumor, and is usually found within the left atrium.
Thromboembolic events, obstruction to blood flow, and constitutional symptoms form the classic triad in patients with cardiac myxoma.
Leading causes of classic pyrexia of unknown origin Infection Neoplasms Tuberculosis Lymphoma Occult bacterial abscess Renal carcinoma Endocarditis Atrial myxoma Brucellosis Infection Connective tissue Tuberculosis Still's disease Occult bacterial abscess Variants of rheumatoid arthritis Endocarditis Systemic lupus erythematosus Brucellosis Temporal arteritis Polymyalgia rheumatica Infection Other (geographical) Tuberculosis Familial Mediterranean fever Occult bacterial abscess Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease Endocarditis Melioidosis Brucellosis Pyrexia of unknown origin defined as temperature >38.
We report a case of vocal fold myxoma recurring twice after subtotal excision via two surgical approaches.
Juxta-articular myxoma (JAM) is a rare, benign, soft tissue tumour with accumulation of mucinous material usually in the vicinity of large joints (1).