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a city in southeastern Guinea, the capital of N’zérékoré Region. Population, 8,600 (1964). The city is a road junction and has an airport. N’zérékoré is the center of an agricultural region producing palm oil, coffee, cocoa, and tobacco. Timber is raised and there is a woodworking industry. Large iron ore deposits are located in the Nimba Mountains east of the city.

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4 million for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in N'Zerekore Region in Guinea; $115.
After that campaign, a cross-sectional survey estimated vaccination coverage to be 61% among this age group in the N'Zerekore region, which includes Lola prefecture (7).
Postmortems of the two family members in the area of Koropara in the N'Zerekore prefecture revealed the presence of the hemorrhagic fever virus, the government said in a statement.
Meanwhile a curfew was imposed in N'Zerekore, Guinea's second-largest city, a day after 20 people were injured during a protest by market stall holders against a team of health workers sent, without notice, to spray their market with disinfectant.
Troops have imposed a curfew in the southeastern city of N'Zerekore, following deadly violence waged between members of the rival Guerze community and the Konianke tribe.
Other cities--Kankan, Kamsar, Boke, Kindia, N'Zerekore, Macenta, Mamou, Faranah, Siguiri, Dalaba, Labe, Gueckedou, Pita.
A The 36 detainees made their escape this week after taking advantage of heavy rain which had fallen on the southeast city of N'Zerekore, where the prison was located, the authorities reported.
The legal cases that stemmed from the October 2005 violence between the predominantly Muslim Koniankes and the predominantly Christian Guerzes in N'Zerekore in the Forest Region were all dropped.
Some refugees, mostly men with marketable skills, continued to live in the towns of N'Zerekore, Macenta, and Gueckedou, or in nearby villages.
Although the Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugees in Guinea have settled over a relatively wide region, which stretches from the prefectura of Gueckedou in the west to Lola, N'zerekore and Yomou in the east, across the whole region they have had a major impact on population densities, and the demand created as a result for local natural resources.
In Guinea, the movement is powerfully implanted, bringing together tens of thousands of neo-literates, primarily in the region of Kankan, in Malinke country, but also in the forest areas of the Kissi established around N'Zerekore, and leading a strongly structured area of traditional therapists.
HCW case counts were highest in Conakry (64 cases) and N'Zerekore (17 cases).