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(organic chemistry)
C6H14 Water-insoluble, toxic, flammable, colorless liquid with faint aroma; forms include: n-hexane, a straight-chain compound boiling at 68.7°C and used as a solvent, paint diluent, alcohol denaturant, and polymerization-reaction medium; isohexane, a mixture of hexane isomers boiling at 54-61°C and used as a solvent and freezing-point depressant; and neohexane.



(n-hexane), the saturated hydrocarbon C6H14; a colorless liquid. Boiling point, 69°C; density, 0.660 g/cm3 (20°C); refractive index (Hexane), 1.37506.

In view of its low octane number (25), hexane is an undesirable constituent of synthetic gasoline. Hexane is present in considerable quantities in straight-run gasoline and in the cracking distillates of petroleum. Under the conditions of petroleum product aromatization and catalytic reforming, hexane is dehydrocyclized to benzene. The hexane isomers 2,2-dimethylbutane and 2,3-dimethylbutane (diisopropyl) are additives improving the quality of motor fuels.

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n-hexane extract showed a very good reducing power above 50% almost across all the concentrations used.
The result showed that crude ethanolic and n-hexane extracts of the leaves of M.
Based on our data, we conclude that n-hexane in combination with hydrogen peroxide is the best of all sterilization procedures tested, with the lowest contamination and highest germination rates.
was extracted with n-hexane and the lipid percentage yield was recorded as 10.
However, the n-hexane and chloroform extracts from leaves showed antibacterial activities for Burkholderia sp.
Still to rule out any harmful effects, the tech giant took the big step and banned the use of benzene and n-hexane altogether in the production of its products.
Nevertheless, Apple decided to order its suppliers to stop using benzene and n-hexane during the final assembly of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers and various accessories.
The crude ethanol extract and the fraction of n-hexane and ethanol showed 65.
Electronics factories use reproductive toxins like toluene and neurotoxins like n-hexane as well.
In experiments, the researchers extracted a 5-gram sample from commercially irradiated ground beef patties using n-hexane and a Soxhlet apparatus.