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(nei), a wind instrument. (1) An Arab-Iranian end-blown flute with six to eight finger holes.

(2) An Uzbek and Tadzhik transverse flute with six finger holes. It has a diatonic scale, although chromatic notes can also be produced with special fingering and partial covering of the finger holes. Depending on the material from which it is made the nai is called agach-nai (wooden), garau-nai (bamboo), misnai (tin), and brindgzhi-nai (brass).

(3) Moldavian and Rumanian panpipes consisting of eight to 24 pipes of different length (on which the pitch depends) joined together to form a raft. They have a diatonic scale.

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These systems are already working, say ranchers; therefore, the NAIS is not necessary.
Another justification for the NAIS is protecting our food supply from terrorist attack.
The NAIS Website provides a list of companies offering payment plans that enable families to pay tuition in monthly installments.
The NAIS Website also provides a list of six companies that provide tuition loan programs, but applicants should be wary of them.
Opponents of the NAIS expect the USDA to explore new ways to make the program mandatory, by either funding mandatory state-level programs, or by limiting services to ranchers and farmers who are not enrolled in the program.
Given the current lack of NAIS program standards and the resulting confusion and delay in buying decisions, the product and service companies mentioned in this article continue to focus on marketing the reasons for their existence, as much as the products and services they sell.
It combines the knowledge that NAIS has in the innkeeping industry combined with GE Insurance Solutions' deep risk expertise to help us both deliver unsurpassed service to our customers.