NAND flash

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NAND flash

The type of flash memory used in a solid state drive (SSD), USB drive and memory card. For the difference between NAND and NOR flash, see flash memory.

2D NAND - Limitations
Traditional flash memory has a single layer of cells, known as "2D planar NAND." As manufacturers shrank the cells and cell walls to increase storage density, fewer electrons resided in each cell, and leakage would occur. In addition, storing two and three bits in a single cell made ever smaller cells increasingly problematic.

3D NAND - The Solution
Instead of making cells smaller, the solution was to stack layers of cells on top of one another for greater storage on a single chip. In 2013, Samsung began making 48-layer 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND) chips, eventually offering 64 layers. Other manufacturers followed with their own 3D NAND products. In 2017, SK Hynix announced a 72-layer 256GB NAND flash chip using trilevel cells (see MLC).

Why NAND and NOR Monikers?
NAND and NOR are logic gates, and their names were chosen for flash memory due to the way the two different flash circuits are wired. See logic gate and flash memory.
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The new 3D V-NAND shows not only an increase of a minimum of 2X to a maximum 10X higher reliability, but also twice the write performance over conventional 10nm-class floating gate NAND flash memory.
Toshiba is after Samsung the second largest maker of NAND flash memory by revenue, and is closing the gap with the South Korean market leader, according to IHS iSuppli.
Micron said recently that Thailand's floods have fueled strong demand for NAND Flash chips, the crucial devices in solid state drives (SSD).
GBDriver RS1 employs the NAND Flash memory control engine of the latest GBDriver RA7, which has an established track record in industrial applications and offers a high level of reliability.
This new wider NAND flash configuration also supports Toshiba's Chip Enable Don't Care feature, which simplifies integration of higher density memory solutions into advanced cell phones.
By joining forces to develop and publish JESD230, ONFI and JEDEC have responded to the industry's need for interoperability among NAND vendors, which will enable even broader use of NAND flash in a wide variety of applications," said Amber Huffman, senior principal engineer, Intel Storage Technologies Group and chairperson for the ONFI Workgroup Board of Directors.
About NAND Flash NAND flash memory is a non-volatile memory in which the read and write operations take place very fast.
2015 NAND Flash Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario and Global NAND Flash Market 2015-2019 are new research reports available on the NAND flash memory market in the online research library of ReportsnReports.
It is reported that Toshiba, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Japan and second-largest supplier of NAND flash chips in the world, has planned to ramp up output of NAND flash chips, while slashing its logic circuit product line, which now comprehends over 6000 different types of logic circuits, by half by the end of March 2013.
It's a simple case of where Apple goes the industry goes and that could be bad news for manufacturers of NAND flash memory.
A company owned jointly by Intel and memory maker Micron Technology started mass producing NAND flash memory chips using tiny 34-nanometer technology, the companies said Monday.
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