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air navigation facility

air navigation facility
Shadow box provides frequency and identification information for Carlton. The VOR frequency is 117.0 Mhz, identification car, followed by its aural morse code signal. D indicates availability of DME.
Any facility used, available for use, or designed for use as an aid to air navigation, including landing areas; lights; any apparatus or equipment for disseminating weather information, signaling, radio–direction finding, or radio or other electronic communications; and any other structure or mechanism having a similar purpose for guiding and controlling flights in the air, landing, or taking off. The availability of air navigational facilities is indicated by a shadow box on aeronautical charts as shown in the illustration. Also called NAVAID or navaid.
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The pilot no longer relies on land-based navaids but by the coordinates given by satellite signals,' Borja said, adding the PBN is actually navigation by means of satellite.
The Rafale ACT (Avion de Combat Tactique) will have a SAGEM Sigma RL90 laser-gyro INS coupled with a Crouzet GPS receiver, plus other navaids.
To service its contract to calibrate the navaids at Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falkland Islands, FPL hires Britten Norman BN2 Islander, from the Falkland Island Government Air Services.
Since then, NAVAIDS studies have been completed in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and the Slovak Republic with several of those nations directly using the results of the study to modernize their navigation systems.
Navaid will lead Knight & Carver's in-house engineering effort on the project.
The MQM's incharge Hyderabad Zone Navaid Shamsi paid homage to the teachers and students who sacrificed their lives for the country and lauded the courage of their parents.