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There's also top-of-the-hour news from the NBC Radio Network and talk from Sun Radio, TalkNet and the EFM Radio Network, which features Dr.
Donaldson cut his media teeth working for NBC Radio as a director and later a producer.
13, 2004, when a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power transformer blew in an underground vault, contaminating the former NBC Radio building and Home Savings bank with carcinogenic polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.
As an international correspondent at CNN, and before that with NBC Radio Network, Jaco covered conflicts in Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique and El Salvador, among others.
Sound quality is perfectly tolerable, though we do hear the NBC radio station's broadcast beeps marking the hour in the Puccini.
The American TV programme, which started as a 15-minute daily drama on NBC radio in 1937 before moving to television in 1952, was screened for the last time after a decline in the ratings in recent years.
He would later be heard on KSD via the NBC radio network.
Bob Hope, 1940-43, 1945, 1953, 1955, 1958-62, 1965-68, 1970 (as one of the ``friends of Oscar'' gang), 1975, 1978: The NBC radio star hosted the 1940 ceremonies, when ``Gone With the Wind'' was the big winner, as expected.
Shalit was the senior film critic for Look Magazine starting in 1968; wrote the What's Happening column in the Ladies' Home Journal; and for 13 years wrote and broadcast a daily essay called Man About Anything on the NBC Radio Network.
The DTT migration from the analogue system will not only provide more TV channels, but more Namibians will have access to NBC radio and television.
A versatile reporter and talented writer, he worked in newspapers in his home state of Nebraska, became a photojournalist for the Associated Press and reported from Europe for NBC radio during World War II.
He has also appeared as guest host on the syndicated radio shows such as 'CPU' for NBC radio.