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NCSA is an interdisciplinary hub and is engaged in research and education collaborations with colleagues and students across the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign.
Social media campaign to reach college-age computer users: NCSA is creating a series of Web videos on cybersecurity produced specifically for 17-25 year olds.
DX-Unix provides NCSA users with fast, efficient and transparent access to mission-critical information.
Participation in setting firewall standards is not limited to product vendors and NCSA members.
Recently, NCSA sent one full-time and fifteen select summer students to HBA, and for the second time, HBA students visited NCSA accompanied by teachers Imre Dozsa and Zsuzsa Kun.
The T-Finity library enables NCSA to easily add capacity with additional media slots/frames and to increase performance.
Miller Newton, PKWARE CEO and President, said: "We are enthusiastic about the range of vital data security awareness programs coming out of NCSA and consider it an honor to join its impressive leadership board.
This upgrade will enable NCSA researchers to process and visualize larger, more complex applications than ever before.
The school and the University of North Carolina school system that operates NCSA had also been named in the Suit.
We are thrilled to grant these monies to Cleveland Regional," said Beth Parks, NCSA director.
It's time to shift our viewpoint and CAE literally CAE get 'two steps ahead' on Internet security by changing our position from one dominated by vulnerability and risk to focusing on taking action by using Two--Step Authentication and creating a culture of cybersecurity," said Michael Kaiser executive director at NCSA.
Richard Kuch, assistant dean of the dance department, and Richard Gain, a dance teacher, resigned August 17, nearly a month after Christopher Soderlund, twenty-seven, filed a suit in North Carolina Superior Court charging that as a sixteen-year-old high school student at NCSA in 1984 he was seduced by Gain and sexually harassed and humiliated by Kuch.