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Novell's flagship network directory service which was included in NetWare as Novell Directory Services (NDS) beginning with Version 4. It was also available for Windows NT/2000, Windows Server 2003, Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX.

Based on X.500
Based on the X.500 directory standard, eDirectory maintained a hierarchical database of information about network resources within a global enterprise, including networks, users, subgroups, servers, volumes and printers. Users logged in to the network, and eDirectory determined their access rights. eDirectory also supported LDAP.

When eDirectory was NDS, it supported the X.500 structure, but not all of the protocols. With the addition of software from Nexor Limited, eDirectory could query X.500 directories in governmental agencies and other organizations.

From NDS to eDirectory
As of Version 8, Novell Directory Services (NDS) became NDS eDirectory and a platform independent product that used the Internet's DNS naming system. Later, the NDS was dropped from the name. Version 8.5 added DNS Federation, which united DNS with NDS's original directory architecture, in which every network resource was an object. See network directory.
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Other enhancements include improved thin-client session management, leveraging the power of Novell's NDS eDirectory to simplify the management of networked computers, and a new remote control agent that gives ZENworks' remote control a speed boost of between 20% and 50%.
Also included are Novell NDS eDirectory, multiprocessor enablement (up to 32 processors) and server clustering for high availability.
5 millones de dolares para trabajar con la aplicacion Net Directory, NDS eDirectory e iChain, por lo que Towers Pins bien podria extenderse en la venta de aplicaciones para comercio en linea en nuestro pais.
The service is to utilize the Novell NDS eDirectory or any other LDAP v3 enabled directory for secure user authentication.
Users sign on once to gain browser-based access to the applications and information resources they need, Novell Portal Services takes advantage of the identity-based information stored in Novell NDS eDirectory to create a personalized portal for each user.
Now, in addition to offering those service providers a high- performance hosted e-mail service -- regardless of the operating system they choose to run -- NIMS will also help Novell drive NDS eDirectory into the emerging service provider market.
Novell announced the immediate availability of NDS eDirectory and NDS Corporate Edition for Linux.
Novell Net Publisher utilizes the company's newly announced NDS eDirectory, the cross-platform directory that reportedly simplifies complex e-business relationships.
Provisioning & Workflow Enhancements: Provides new capabilities for enterprise-wide updates to non-Active Directory systems, including out-of-the-box support for SQL Server and Novell NDS eDirectory.
1 de Netware, asi como una gran cantidad de herramientas orientadas al servidor que pueden ser de mucha utilidad, como GroupWise (orientado a la colaboracion mediante tecnologias Web), NDS eDirectory (un servicio de directorios) y Certificate Server (un servicio para proteger la confidencialidad de la informacion transmitida), entre otros.
Built on Novell's NDS eDirectory directory service, the new system is designed to help service providers offer fast and reliable hosted e-mail accounts to partners, vendors and customers.
CNN Interactive has selected Novell's NDS eDirectory to support delivery of personalized content to its millions of worldwide users.