nondestructive testing

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nondestructive testing

[¦nän·di′strək·div ′test·iŋ]
A technique for revealing flaws and defects in a material or device without damaging or destroying the test sample; includes use of x-rays, ultrasonics, radiography, and magnetic flux.

Nondestructive testing

Testing that does not destroy the object being tested. Techniques include the use of strain gauges, x-rays, and ultrasound.

nondestructive testing (NDT)

Techniques of testing aircraft parts and components without altering or destroying physical or material properties or the integrity of the part. It is used to detect cracks and manufacturing defects. Some of the methods include X-ray, eddy current, magnetic, and dye penetrant testing. See eddy current testing, magnetic inspection, and dye penetrant testing.
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In addition, DURR NDT and its local distributor Controltech have proven to be reliable partners: "Fantastic support is also provided by the distributor and manufacturer with a very fast turnaround in the case of requests for support," Saladin points out.
As NDT Global continually strives to develop and deliver superior solutions for its customers, it is imperative for the company to have the necessary measures and processes in place to source, retain and develop top talent.
G7 nations hold a dominant market share in the global NDT market"
A national defect centre would help to significantly reduce the cost of developing and testing new NDT technologies.
NDT director Les Colman puts the finishing touches into |the new NDT classroom while Lance MacMaster gives a demonstration on the ropes at TIS, above.
Demand for NDT is driven by customers seeking to improve the integrity and lifecycle of their existing assets.
The influx of Korean and Indian NDT inspection service providers has caused average prices to decline to historically low levels, affecting profits.
A number of courses are available at Talon for both ASNT & PCN certification in multiple NDT disciplines, including Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing.
The addition of Desert's NDT portfolio will boost ShawCor's presence in the US unconventional oil and gas production market and complement the operations of its NDT business unit Shaw Pipeline Services, he added.
Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company and a leading commercial aircraft manufacturer, publishes NDT manuals that contain maintenance and inspection procedures for its aircraft.
For students and engineers in aeronautics and related fields who need non-destructive testing (NDT) for their education or projects, Fahr describes NDT methods in general, their applications for evaluating and inspecting aerospace materials or components, the types of information they provide, and how such information is used to improve aircraft safety.
Repertoire has weight, and he believes that the identity of NDT is rebellious and creative," says Lightfoot.