National Education Association

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National Education Association

(NEA), organization of professional educators in the United States, with almost 2.5 million members. The NEA was founded (1850) as the National Teachers Association, changed its name in 1857, and was chartered by Congress in 1906. Its 13 standing committees and 7 divisions share an operating budget of approximately $150 million; each represents a separate area of specialized interest. Its general aim is to promote the welfare of all professional educators, including teachers, administrators, counselors, and others concerned about education. In 1998 the leadership of NEA and the American Federation of TeachersAmerican Federation of Teachers
(AFT), an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. It was formed (1916) out of the belief that the organizing of teachers should follow the model of a labor union, rather than that of a professional association.
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 supported a merger of the two groups, but delegates to the NEA's annual meeting rejected the proposal.


See E. B. Wesley, NEA: The First Hundred Years (1957) and M. Murphy, Blackboard Unions: The AFT and the NEA, 1900–1980 (1990).

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Yet the NEA Reading at Risk report, in its executive summary, asserts that "Literature reading is fading as a meaningful activity, especially among young people.
While some states allow NEA membership to be optional, others make it mandatory.
But as the AFT and NEA grew entrenched and powerful, Shanker attempted to recast teacher unionism as a force that looked beyond teachers' narrow interests.
The NEA is seeking a deal to ensure that some of the plant's 1,000 megawatt output.
Still concerned that such schools will digest large amounts of public funds that ought to be earmarked for mainstream schools, the NEA nevertheless ``has no basic problem with the use of federal start-up funds.
Pressed for an explanation, Chase is quick to point out that the NEA is a vast organization (there are 13,000 local affiliates) and can
Rohde argues for the inherent unconstitutionality of content restrictions on the NEA, centering on the infamous Helms Amendment, which, he suggests, violates obscenity standards decided by the U.
Rick Yang joined NEA in 2007 and is focused on information and financial technology investments.
Secretary of Education Rod Paige called the National Education Association a "terrorist organization" in late February, it prompted the NEA leader to ask for Paige's resignation.
The proposal) fits in with our overall plans for the area: the plans we have for Thunder Bay plus the building of an extensive grid," says Larry Hebert, NEA president and chief executive officer.
She lumps together the proposed flag burning amendment, the 1990 obscenity arrest of the band 2 Live Crew in Florida, and the congressional restrictions on NEA funding.