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NEXOR and Argus Systems Group are jointly developing a new high-security Internet-based e-mail software product for commercial customers.
NEXOR has released the NEXOR Interceptor, a solution designed for the screening and sorting of email.
NEXOR, Ltd, the leading provider of secure messaging and directory solutions, today announced a strategic alliance with EuroSignCard S.
The partnership will enhance the EuroSignCard PKI offering with the secure messaging capability of NEXOR.
NEXOR were selected as the preferred directory vendor because of the product scalability, throughput and proven interoperability.
EuroSignCard are a driving force in the adoption of European Digital Signatures and we are extremely pleased to be working with them to deliver solutions that meet the needs of modern financial institutions," reported Ed Harrington, Vice President for Strategic alliances at NEXOR.
NEXOR LTD, of Nottingham, United Kingdom, will deliver the COTS military standards-based electronic messaging and directory components at the core of the solution.