NFC tag

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NFC tag

(Near Field Communication tag) An RFID-based electronic device that is made up of a chip and antenna. It can be embedded into other objects such as a business card, poster, prescription bottle or key fob, or it can be a stand-alone sticker that is pasted onto a surface (see NFC sticker).

Types 1, 2 and 4 are based on the ISO/IEC 14443 standard for contactless ID cards. Type 3 tags conform to the X 6319-4c of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). See NFC tags vs. QR codes and NFC.

      Min/Max  Speed   Based onType  Storage  (Kbps)  Standard

   1   96/2KB    106   ISO/IEC 14443A

   2   48/2KB    106   ISO/IEC 14443A

   3   to 1MB    212   JIS X 6319-4c

   4   to 32KB   106   ISO/IEC 14443A&B

   Types 1 and 2 are rewritable.
   Types 3 and 4 come in read-only or
    rewritable versions.
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Indola, a Henkel professional hair care brand, uses three styling products connected via NFC tags in this new line as an innovative way to inspire professional hairstylists.
Selinko, a Belgian company that specialises in digital authentication of products, announced on Monday that it has joined forces with NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) to provide an extended range of secure NFC tags for vintners which will enable the connection of the entire wine production process.
NFC tags can be implanted into or fixed on everyday objects, that they have a small size, so NFC technology is adaptable.
Wristband based on custom made antenna for passive NFC tag.
Even if you lose your NFC tag or mobile phone, your money is completely safe, unlike cards.
By merely tapping the mobile device on a page of the newspaper with the NFC tag or scanning the QR code, the reader will be linked to a video especially produced by the Manila Bulletin for the 117th celebration of Philippine Independence.
Following its launch of a payment card using near-field communication technology (NFC), ICICI Bank is working on taking the contactless payments from cards to other form factors, including wearable devices, by incorporating the chip or the NFC tag.
First announced in late 2011, Sony's FeliCa Lite-S chip is a smaller, faster and more secure update to the low cost FeliCa Lite chip for NFC tags and stickers.
The paper or plastic tags that are being used can also cause harm to the delicate and sensitive skin of infants while an NFC tag can be packaged in soft and flexible bands that are more comfortable.
This rapid growth for smartphones over the years shows the amount of users of smartphones are increasing and this means it will be easier to just put in an NFC tag on each of the smartphones for people to use it and it'll be more convenient.
In future, the advertisements and posters will have a NFC tag built into it and users will be able to scan the tag with their devices to know more about the products or buy an item from a retailer without leaving their homes.
There are two types of NFC devices: Active devices with their own power source that read information from an NFC tag and respond to other devices, and passive NFC devices, which lack the power source and can only send data.