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Nested Interactive Array Language.

A high-level array-oriented language from Queen's University, Canada, based on Array Theory as developed by Trenchard More Jr.

Q'NIAL is an implementation in C.

["Programming Styles in NIAL", M.A. Jenkins et al, IEEE Software 3(1):46-55 (Jan 1986)].
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On the occasion, Camtronx Directors Noraiz Nasir Saeed and Nial Nasir Saeed said 'we have always been dedicated to promoting photography and young talent in Pakistan and have strived to portray a positive image of our nation through photography'.
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The five full papers address: the effect of KCl addition upon the photocatalytic activity of zinc sulphide, localized vibrational mode in manganese-doped zinc sulphide and cadmium sulphide nanoparticles, the effects of a light impurity on the electronic structure of dislocations in NiAl, analysis of finite element discretization schemes for multi-phase Darcy flow, and theoretical investigations of the defect structure for Ni3+ in ZnO.
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Relatos da literatura demonstram a possibilidade de obtencao do composto intermetalico NiAl utilizando moagem de alta energia, sendo que os tipos de moinhos mais utilizados para este fim sao o moinho Spex (1) (1-6) e o moinho planetario.
Other subjects are superselection rules induced by infrared divergence, microstructure evolution and electronic transport in ultra-thin Al films, and double ignition maps for combustion-synthesizing NiAl compounds.
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In this work structure, phase composition, and technological properties of CP, produced by the SHS method and containing in their composition metal matrix (Ni, NiAl, NiCrBSi), and inclusions of the refractory compounds: (titanium, chromium) carbides, titanium silicide, aluminium oxide, are [investigated.