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Amnesty International said Jaafar's family was informed on January 18 that he was in NISS custody at Kober prison, where they were subsequently allowed two 15-minute visits.
Since Bashir won April's election, Amnesty says that NISS agents have restarted daily visits to newspapers and printers aimed at censoring their output.
The report also deplored the return of press censorship by the NISS following the April vote, in which Beshir was re-elected and which international monitors said did not meet international standards and were rife with irregularities.
You can also learn more about NISS by following our Twitter account, @NISSSAMSI, join the NISS group on LinkedIn and on Facebook.
NISS has seized copies of Al-Sudani newspaper on Friday and Saturday from the printing house for publishing a report on water pollution and a series of columns by the newspaper's chief-editor criticizing the arrest of the female journalist, Hiba Abdel-Azeem who made the report.
They further regret that Sudan's 2010 national security law grants the NISS complete immunity.
Also, on Monday it said that NISS detained Wifag Qurashi from the SCoP student chapter at the University of Khartoum besides Mohamed Osman Nugd Allah and al-Bashir Mudawi from the University of Kordofan.
Two days earlier NISS raided the home of the foreign affairs assistant of the SCoP president Khalid Omar Yusuf in al-Gireif suburb of Khartoum and detained him without charges.
SCoP said that the NISS raided the home of Khalid Omar Yusuf on Wednesday morning in al-Gireif suburb of Khartoum and detained him without charges.
They have been detained by the NISS officers after completing the entry procedures and were taken to the political security headquarters in Khartoum North," the statement reads.
The NCPP summoned the chief editor of al-Midan, Madiha Abdalla, on Monday to investigate her on the complaint filed by the NISS against the newspaper.
The publisher and editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Khalid Al-Tigani Al-Nour, said on his Facebook page that the printing house received a letter from NISS instructing them not to print the newspaper until further notice without giving reasons.