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Dysthe [5] derived a modified, 4th order version of the NLS equation that accounts for finite spectral width and describes the evolution of the spatial distribution of the complex envelope of the narrow-banded wave train in time.
2014/15 has been a fantastic year for sports at NLS, with many teams performing at a very high standard in various tournaments.
The result shows that NLS would not have negative impacts to cur speed (as shown in Figure 2).
Upon Dupuy's hire, NLS had required him to sign a temporary employment contract, which contained a confidentiality provision that provided, in pertinent part:
The lack of legal deposit for this material has prevented NLS from building a comprehensive archive of Scottish sound recordings but major donations of significant collections have helped to create a good basic archive.
In order to illustrate the theoretical discussion of the previous sections we will analyze results of the variational methods and compare with the outcome from the numerical integration of the NLS equation.
The numerical task in this paper consists in the solution of the KdV and the NLS equations in the limit of low dispersion for smooth Schwartzian initial data.
Postal Service, NLS quietly keeps nearly 750,000 current patrons supplied with a lifeline to the world of print information that they cannot otherwise access.
To understand NLS, Fisher followed a group of 20 teachers across the first two years of using it.
Cases, % p53 HER-2/neu Ki-67 EGFR TGF-[Alpha] NLS (n=12) 0 8.
When TLS/ NLS is used, the WAN operates at full native LAN rates, which eliminates the traditional WAN bottleneck.
It will search for mechanisms through which the skills of NLS and its network of cooperating libraries might be utilized to serve eligible students.