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Malaria parasite was maintained by blood passage in NMRI mice when active parasites were required; otherwise it was stored at -70[degrees]C in Alserver's solution (2.
The second operational test will incorporate the NMRI recommendations into a mayday system that will demonstrate effective voice and data interfaces between private-sector call centers (such as OnStar) and PSAPs.
The NMRI measures how the loans originated in a given month would perform if subjected to the same stress event as loans were placed under in the 2008 financial crisis.
Activity experiments were carried out with female NMRI mice (n = 8/group) by using infrared (IR) technique.
To improve its coverage of the world's fastest-growing advertising economy, NMRI announced a major expansion of its TV ratings service in China, with plans to go from 11 cities to more than 100 local and provincial markets within two years.
Fecal material from positive triatomines was inoculated subcutaneously (200 metacyclic trypomastigotes/g body weight) into groups of five NMRI mice raised at our laboratory facilities ([bar.
Experiments in NMRI (Naval Medical Research Institute) mice have shown that bacteria like B.
Male NMRI rats were divided into nine groups, namely, sham, control, ischemia and ischemia treated with NSO or TQ.
Weiner has been, and may continue to be, in contact with the Company's management regarding his belief that NMRI should employ certain strategies designed to maximize shareholder value.
NMRI renewed agreements to measure TV audiences in Ireland and Sweden, following the successful renewal of its New Zealand contract in 2001.
NMRI addressed the issues which arise as telematics providers, such as OnStar, work with 9-1-1 and other public emergency response agencies.