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noise reduction coefficient, NRC

The average of the sound absorption coefficients of an acoustical material at frequencies of 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Hz, expressed to the nearest integral multiple of 0.05.
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On May 3, 1997, the NRC licensing board gave activists the victory they had been seeking.
And while there's no question that the industry is lumbering in this direction, it's taking no risks on its financial future: Four new NRC rules, all supported and in some cases co-written by industry lobbyists, will allow utilities to design, construct, refurbish (or not refurbish), and disassemble power plants in coming years while answering to no one but themselves and the NRC.
The letter was signed by NRC founders Tom Copeland, a former NRC president now retired from Copley Newspapers; Glenn Roberts, retired from the Des Moines Register and currently executive director of the NRC; Phil Stout of the Tulsa (Okla.
As a result of the leak, SCE recently completed eight days of extensive testing of the steam generator tubes and reported the results to the NRC.
In addition, NRC installs solar water heating systems to houses owned by Jordanian landlords and inhabited by Syrian refugees in urban areas.
The NRC implementation is one example of Dell s cloud capabilities, which center around three areas providing private cloud, delivering cloud management and enabling public cloud.
But now the scheme is coming down the pike full-speed with the DOE, Department of Transportation and the NRC moving to facilitate the "recycling of contaminated metal and other radioactive wastes," as the DOE recently announced.
Although the NRC group declares that solid science backs up most of the existing regulations, the new congressional leaders seek to completely revamp the current rules.
In addition, the opposition groups appealed each NRC decision, prompting even further analysis of HRI's projects.
Although no event occurred and the public was never in danger, the NRC determined that the valve failure caused a weakness in the licensee's fire mitigation strategy, increasing the likelihood of core damage in event of a major fire.
EPA issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rule-making in May 2003, before the NRC had completed its report (U.