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The NSDI is envisioned to transform Oman into a GeoSmart nation with a UAS covering all buildings and providing an address which will be available through a centralised addressing database, facilitating interoperability across multiple government entities.
The meeting reviewed and discussed a number of key topics related to NSDI and adopted minutes of last meeting.
The NSDI vision statement: It was developed and presented to NGCC and the stakeholders, it reads as follows: "We will have a fully-fledged National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Botswana.
The results summarized the types of institutions currently leading the NSDI efforts, the existence of legislature to support a NSDI, and the geospatial data availability for each country.
See "National Spatial Data Council--a True Partnership for NSDI," GEOworld, Nov.
Although efforts to build the NSDI are progressing, achieving the vision of a nationwide GIS network remains a formidable challenge.
The NSDI falls under the auspices of the Federal Geographic Data Committee chartered by the Office of Management and Budget.
Distributed geolibraries provide a useful framework for discussion of the issues of dissemination associated with the NSDI.
Therefore, new federal initiatives to create the NSDI have not been welcomed by many federal and local agencies, which believe the council would duplicate work already being done.
An NSDI is really just a framework for managing and disseminating geographic data--or spatial data, in the lingo of those who work in the field.
The NSDI both requires and funds the creation of "clearinghouse nodes" like CUGIR, which is one of two such collections of geospatial data about New York state and part of a linked system of over 90 such nodes worldwide.
Not exactly a household name and still far from being realized, the NSDI is a plan first outlined by the National Research Council's Mapping Sciences Committee.