Sodium Sulfide

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sodium sulfide

[′sōd·ē·əm ′səl‚fīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
Na2S An irritating, water-soluble, yellow to red, deliquescent powder; melts at 1180°C; used as a chemical intermediate, solvent, photographic reagent, and analytical reagent. Also known as sodium sulfuret.

Sodium Sulfide


Na2S, a salt; colorless crystals. Density, 1.856 g/cm3; melting point, 1180°C. It is extremely hygroscopic. Solubility in water, 13.6 percent at 20°C and 45.0 percent at 97.5°C. It forms crystal hydrates. Aqueous solutions of Na2S are alkaline. Sodium sulfide is prepared by reduction of Na2SO4 and is used in the manufacture of sulfide dyes, in the textile and leather industries, and in ore flotation. Sodium hydrosulfide, NaHS, is used in the manufacture of rayon and in the leather industry.

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molarity PbS was created by reacting lead II nitrate (Pb(N03)2 ) with Na2S.
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After an hour of continuous stirring and purging,5mL of Na2S was added.