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(năb'ətē`ə), ancient kingdom of Arabia, south of Edom, in present-day Jordan. It flourished from the 4th cent. B.C. to A.D. 106, when it was conquered by Rome. The history of Nabataea consists mainly of the struggle to control the trade routes between Asia and the Mediterranean. PetraPetra
, ancient city, in present-day Jordan, known to the Arabs as Wadi Musa for the stream that flows through it. A narrow, winding pass between towering walls leads to the open plain upon which stood the ancient city.
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, the capital city, is noted for its unique rock-cut monuments, tombs, and temples.


See study by J. I. Lawlor (1974).

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Nabataea reached the peak of its prosperity under King Aretas IV (9 BC -- 40 AD).
Speaking at an Ashoura meeting in Nabataea, the MP underlined the importance of rallying behind the Palestinian people and resistance in Gaza which was able to impose new formulas.
Fayyad, who was speaking at an event in Nabataea town in the south, added that both Hezbollah and Amal movement took into considerations the Christian concerns and fears when they approved the 13 electoral districts based on proportionality in the Cabinet.