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An internal DOS/Windows command that erases a file from the disk. When a file is deleted from the command line, it cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin, so "be careful!" However, files deleted from Windows Explorer are saved in the recycle bin. Del and Erase are two forms of the command.

Following are examples of deleting single and multiple files:
del old.txt     erase OLD.TXT
  del *.txt       erase all TXT files


  erase old.txt   erase OLD.TXT
  erase *.txt     erase all TXT files


On drawings, abbr. for “delineation.”
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Finally, Section 5 shows how the sweep maps may be used to give concise combinatorial formulas for the higher q, t-Catalan numbers and many related polynomials that arise by applying the nabla operator to appropriate symmetric functions and then extracting the coefficient of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The fundamental ingredient of the theory is the nabla operator [nabla] acting on [LAMBDA].
In order to generalize equation (10) to quaternion version of Navier-Stokes equations (QNSE), we use first quaternion Nabla operator (12), and by noticing that [DELTA] [equivalent to] [nabla][nabla], we get: