Naboth's Vineyard

Naboth’s Vineyard

another’s possession gotten, by hook or crook. [O.T.: I Kings, 21]
See: Greed
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Ahab sees no crime in the stealing of Naboth's vineyard.
What is striking about this passage is where it takes place--in Naboth's vineyard, the scene of the crime.
We do not argue that Ahab's despicable behavior in the stealing of Naboth's vineyard and the man's execution has any moral justification.
Besides looking at the names of the main settlements in the area Mr Redmonds also talked about the origins of many smaller places like Ozzings at Shelley which he traced-back to the 13th century and Naboth's Vineyard at Kirkburton which may relate back to a late 19th century land dispute.
In chapter 4, Pardes examines the contemporary exegetical context of the Israelite King Ahab, especially the use of the story of Ahab's appropriation of Naboth's Vineyard (1 Kings 21) in contemporary discourse criticizing American expansionism in the era of Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War.
One may similarly question Pardes's broad claim, in the chapter on the biblical Ahab, that "Melville's reading of Ahab in Moby-Dick is inextricably connected with his metacommentary on the numerous evocations of Ahab and the story of Naboth's vineyard in the political discourse on American expansionism" (99).
Among the pairs of perspectives are whether a dialogue between Africa and Europe makes sense, and creating a liminal space of community; giving dialogical privilege in biblical interpretation, and sitting humbly at the feet of the elders; a post-colonial reading of the story of Naboth's vineyard, and interpretation and social transformation; and conversation and biblical appropriation in Sesotho, and fascination and challenge.
The first Lot is Arley Cottage, a handsome and historic period house set in beautiful gardens; the second is Forge Cottage, a charming home in need of refurbishment, overlooking the village cricket ground; and the third Lot is an unusual woodland garden known as Naboth's Vineyard with Biblical connections.
It lies adjacent to Arley Arboretum and is named Naboth's Vineyard after a story in the Old Testament.
No, that is no country for old men, but you, who have already killed, as Jezebel had Naboth killed, and taken possession, as Ahab then usurped Naboth's vineyard, think of this: before crossing the rickety wooden bridge you can't re-cross the other way, dawdle a little, think of how that is no country for old men yet one for you and me, our constant hunger in spite of parables, the hunt, the hunter, the stars, the trampled grass, the wind slowing to silence, the hairs on your nape moving to my breath.
In his inscription, King Mesha makes mention of other figures who also appear in that Biblical book, most famously the Israelite King Ahab, who according to the Book of Kings was married to the notorious Jezebel, at whose urging Ahab first murdered Naboth and then took possession of Naboth's vineyard.
Indeed, if the possessions of all subjects were under the king's will, the actions of Jezebel, as she appropriated Naboth's vineyard, would not have been censured so severely.