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an underground revolutionary newspaper published in St. Petersburg from March through May 1878. Four numbers were issued. Circulation, 500.

The publishers of the newspaper were A. A. Astaf ev, L. K. Bukh, N. K. Bukh, A. I. Ventskovskii, I. A. Golovin, and V. V. Lutskii, all Populist-Bakuninists not affiliated with any organization. L. K. Bukh was the actual editor; N. E. Karonin-Petropavlovksii was also a member of the editorial staff. Among the contributors to the newspaper were P. V. Zasodimskii and E. S. Fedorov.

Proclaiming itself a nonpartisan organ of Russian socialists, Nachalo set as its goal “the criticism of the existing social system.” The newspaper reported about events of the liberation movement in Russia and the socialist movement in the West, discussed the conditions of political exiles, told of repressions by the government, and polemicized with the liberal press. The articles of Nachalo were reprinted by V. Bogucharskii in The Revolutionary Journalism of the Seventies (1905).

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