Nadir Shah

Nadir Shah


Nader Shah

(both: nä`dēr shä), 1688–1747, shah of Iran (1736–47), sometimes considered the last of the great Asian conquerors. He was a member of the Afshar tribe. Although taken prisoner by the Uzbeks while he was still a child, he escaped and entered the service of the governor of Khorasan. There he earned a reputation for bravery. He then entered the service of Tahmasp, the son of Shah Sultan HusaynSultan Husayn
, d. 1729, Safavid shah of Persia (1694–1722). A weak and superstitious man, Shah Sultan Husayn was surrounded by astrologers and fanatics and was able to offer little opposition to the uprising of the Afghans.
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, who was asserting his claims against the Afghans under Mahmud, who had usurped the Persian throne. Nadir took the name Tahmasp Kuli Khan [Tahmasp's slave] and proceeded to win a series of battles against the Afghans. Decisively beaten, they retired to Kandahar, and Tahmasp was restored to the rule over Iran. Nadir, however, was the powerful figure of the realm. He warred against the Turks successfully, and when the shah turned victory to disaster by a conciliatory peace, Nadir in 1732 deposed him. Tahmasp's infant son Abbas III was placed on the throne with Nadir as regent. The conquests continued, and the western boundary was restored to what it had been before the Afghan invasions. In 1736 Nadir deposed Abbas and himself became shah, thus ending the rule of the SafavidSafavid
, Iranian dynasty (1499–1736), that established Shiite Islam in Iran as an official state religion. The Safavid state provided both the territorial and societal foundations of modern Iran.
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 dynasty. He attempted to weld Iran and the Ottoman Empire by unifying the Shiites and Sunnis. This led to much dissatisfaction in Shiite Iran, and the plan was discarded. In 1738–39 Nadir invaded MughalMughal
or Mogul
, Muslim empire in India, 1526–1857. The dynasty was founded by Babur, a Turkic chieftain who had his base in Afghanistan. Babur's invasion of India culminated in the battle of Panipat (1526) and the occupation of Delhi and Agra.
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 India. He was brilliantly successful, taking and sacking Delhi and Lahore and carrying off vast treasure, including the Koh-i-noor diamond and the Peacock Throne. He also continued his conquests in other directions. Bukhara was subdued, and the limits of Iran were extended to the greatest that they had been since the days of the Sassanids. War with the Turks occupied his attention from 1743 to 1746. Nadir's later years were darkened by a turn toward tyranny, suspicion, and greed. So much did he fear opposition that he had his own son blinded. In 1747, during a campaign against rebellious Kurds, Nadir Shah was assassinated by officers of his own guard. Although the dynasty he founded, the Afshar dynasty (1736–49), was short-lived, Nadir is generally regarded as one of the greatest of all rulers of Persia.


See study by L. Lockhart (1938, repr. 1973).

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Poet Nijabat composed the most celebrated epic of our literature 'Nijabat di Var aka Nadir Shah di Var' which exposed Nadir's barbarity as well as the shenanigans of quislings.
The ATC-VII judge found Ubaid alias K2 and Nadir Shah guilty of killing two cops at MA Jinnah Road some 18 years ago.
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The name of the fortress is connected with the invasion of Sheki of the ruler of Iran Nadir Shah.
The program consultant Dr Nadir Shah made a presentation in the workshop on nutrition with all stakeholders where secretary planning and development Babar Aman and Minister for Information Fida Husain were also present.
The Persian ruler Nadir Shah (1688-1747) is said to have stayed in Shikarpur on his march through Sindh while returning from invading India in 1739.
Yet in another operation, ANF Peshawar recovered 30 Gram Hashish from possession of an accused namely Syed Nadir Shah resident of Kohat who was arrested near Kohat University, Kohat.
Directed by Nadir Shah and produced by Ali Raza, the film focuses on the level of intolerance in society and how it is countered by the film's protagonist.
Appunny alleged that police was trying to put pressure on actor-turned-director Nadir Shah and himself to turn approver in the case.
Police formed a team for the arrest of the said group and arrested two members identified as Tahir Shah son of Zahir Shah and Nadir Shah son of Rasheed Ali and recovered stolen cash money, gold and other materials from their possessions.
The Iranians say that Nadir Shah stole it fair and square, while the Afghans assert that the Sikhs forced them to surrender it.
In 1739, the Kohinoor fell into the hands of the ancient Iranian invader Nadir Shah, whose loot from his conquest of Delhi (and decimation of its inhabitants) also included the priceless Peacock Throne.