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, Ger. Tyrnau, Hung. Nagyszombat, city (1991 pop. 71,783), W central Slovakia. The market for a fertile agricultural region, it produces motor vehicles, refined sugar, agricultural machinery, and railroad cars. The city is also a Roman Catholic episcopal see.
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, Slovakia.
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This trial was held in 1619 in the North-Western part of Upper Hungary in the village of Szilincs and the nearby town of Nagyszombat (slightly to the North-West of dialect area II; by now it has become Slovakized).
Piller had been appointed head of the Department of Natural History at the University of Nagyszombat in 1774.
Spaits was a Jesuit priest who taught in secondary schools at Trencsen, Buda, Ungvar, Nagyszombat, Komarom and Besztercebanya.