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in zoology: see insectinsect,
invertebrate animal of the class Insecta of the phylum Arthropoda. Like other arthropods, an insect has a hard outer covering, or exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed legs. Adult insects typically have wings and are the only flying invertebrates.
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in astronomy, one of the natural satellites, or moons, of NeptuneNeptune,
in astronomy, 8th planet from the sun at a mean distance of about 2.8 billion mi (4.5 billion km) with an orbit lying between those of Uranus and the dwarf planet Pluto; its period of revolution is about 165 years.
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(nÿ -ad) A small satellite of Neptune, discovered in 1989. See Table 2, backmatter.



a stage in the development of some insects (stoneflies, mayflies, and dragonflies). Naiads are aquatic forms. The analogous stage in the development of other arthropods is the nymph.


A satellite of Neptune orbiting at a mean distance of 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers) with a period of 7.1 hours, and a diameter of about 34 miles (54 kilometers).


1. Greek myth a nymph dwelling in a lake, river, spring, or fountain
2. the aquatic larva of the dragonfly, mayfly, and related insects
3. any of certain freshwater mussels of the genus Unio
4. any monocotyledonous submerged aquatic plant of the genus Naias (or Najas), having narrow leaves and small flowers: family Naiadaceae (or Najadaceae)
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Lesbian Nuns did put Naiad Press on a sound financial footing, helping ensure its survival into the new millennium, when it passed its baton to Bella Books.
Naiads were collected between 0800hrs to 1900hrs and were placed in glass vials with 95% alcohol, then were shifted to 70% alcohol with a few drops of glycerin added to it to avoid desiccation.
This provides high nutritional diet to insect larvae and naiads, which are affected by fluctuations in physico-chemical parameters of that water and avoid pollutants and good indicators of water quality (Paine and Gaufin, 1956).
Business Post Naiad was one of 10 boats rolled or which suffered knockdowns as a result of the exceptionally-large waves and were involved the biggest search and rescue operation in Australian maritime history.
In general, dragonfly naiads of the genus Progomphus are burrowers found primarily in shifting sandbars of both lotic and lentic habitats (Needham & Westfall 1955).
Recreational users have given the smaller Naiad boats (under 16 feet) high marks for their performance, safety and durability.
workers eat it most "the a thi"The Naiad has also been absent for some years since the council took it away and shoved it in storage.
Two winners from 12 months ago Naiad du Misselot and Finger Onthe Pulse look capable of going in again in the Jewson Novices' Handicap Chase (1.
Naiad De Misselot, who nailed Nicholls' Kicks For Free on the line for the Coral Cup last year, hasn't been too convincing over larger obstacles, either - he's without a win in four outings, including fourth of five in a Haydock Grade 2 novice chase last time out.
Ferdy Murphy's Coral Cup winner Naiad Du Misselot will attempt to get off the mark over the bigger obstacles at Cheltenham or Doncaster this weekend.
These remarkable women founded Naiad Press in the '70s.