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MOB-015 is a new topical treatment for nail fungus (onychomycosis) with fungicidal, keratolytic and emollient properties.
He dropped coverage of the stock, saying late-stage data on the nail fungus treatment candidate, called NM100060, was the primary catalyst for the company.
The FDA has approved the first generic versions of prescription Lamisil (terbinafine hydrochloride) tablets, used to treat nail fungus infection (onychomycosis).
In one example, it recommends vinegar and water or a coat of Vicks VapoRub for nail fungus.
I'm 84 and have been fighting nail fungus for years using creams and liquids and nothing happened.
Clinical trials for a topical nail fungus (onychomycosis) treatment are scheduled to begin later this summer.
It worked and a listener heard and tried it on toe nail fungus.
Breastmilk has been used to treat eye infections, ear infections, pimples, cold sores, and nail fungus and to prevent infection in scrapes and scratches.
Although many illnesses require a visit to the doctor's office, the on-line medical "visit" is designed to help with minor ailments such as earache, nail fungus, or some other problem that the doctor ordinarily would diagnose on the basis of information supplied by the patient.
Nail fungus is another common problem that can make feet unattractive.
Nail fungus can develop in the fingernails or toenails, but because feet have more injuries, fungal infections are more common on toenails.
He adds, "This breakthrough technology has changed the way we approach patients suffering from unsightly nail fungus and has changed the lives of many of our patients.