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region, Arabia: see NejdNejd
or Najd
, region, central Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, the country's capital and major city, is located there. The Nejd is a vast plateau from 2,500 to 5,000 ft (762–1,524 m) high.
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It was not known whence they came, while many like the Western travellers Philby and Anne Blunt simply assumed they had recently migrated from Najd, having been pushed northwards into Syria by other tribes.
These and several other Najd fields are linked to Petroline (the east-west pipeline) by a 325-km spur for export to Ras Tanura in the Gulf or Yanbu' on the Red Sea.
Jamal Al Balushi, proprietor of Al Najd Heights, Ruwi, who has been organising Haj and Umrah pilgrimages for residents of Oman for the last eight years, said, "With the grace of Allah, we are happy to state that the pilgrims from Oman had a smooth Haj and we hope to improve our services even more from next year.
Most of the gas is produced from the Nu'ayyim field, where the crude has the highest gas-to-oil ratio among the Najd structures.
The Najd reservoirs have proved to have lower pressure than first thought.
The hosting, which is part of the committee current study on Najd farms and their role in ensuring food security in the Sultanate, aimed at highlighting the future plans of the Society.
Most of the gas is being produced from the Nuayyim field, where the crude has the highest gas-to-oil ratio among the Najd structures.
Ahmed bin Suhail al-Hadhri, General Manager of Al Najd Agriculture Development Company and a number of members of the company's Board, as well as investors in the grass plantation sector in Al Najd area within the framework of the committee's study on Al Najd Farms and their Role in Achieving Food and Water Security in the Sultanate.
2m b/d of Arab Super Light (50o API), produced from the Najd fields south of Riyadh since late 1994.
This directive covers hairdressers, bakeries and restaurants and would later include gyms and massage parlors, said Najd Al-Dousari, director of the health department at the municipality.
Muscat, May 5 (ONA) The ad hoc Ministerial Committee for the Transfer and Plantation of Grass to the Najd Area today held its 18th meeting under the Chair of Dr.