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see OsakaOsaka
, city (1990 pop. 2,623,801), capital of Osaka prefecture, S Honshu, Japan, on Osaka Bay, at the mouth of the Yodo River. One of Japan's largest cities and principal industrial and commercial centers, Osaka is the focal point of a chain of industrial cities (called the
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, Japan.
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En Elegia de Naniwa (1936), Ayako es una joven telefonista que vive acosada por su jefe, Asai.
Yoshida A, Ogawa K, Takahashi M, Naniwa T: Clinical study of the distal clavicle fracture.
According to the ruling, Valiallah conspired with other Iranians to sell amphetamines and cannabis resin to an unspecified number of people in Osaka's Naniwa Ward and made about 120 million yen between July last year and February this year.
Hokkaido Takusyoku, Tokuyo City, Kyoto Kyoci, Naniwa, Fukutoku, and Midori Bank are excluded from FY 1997 onward.
It starts with the organization of the t[bar{o}]d[bar{o}]-za in Tsugaru in 1666, traces the genealogy of performers from Nitabo to the present day, and includes interesting details about the influence on Tsugaru-jamisen of other shamisen genres such as kudoki and Naniwa bushi.
position, but will have to observe the Naniwa [Osaka] style of bowing
Was it a dream Tsu no kani no that spring in Naniwa naniwa no haru wa in the land of Tsu?
22) Before the Second World War they were joined in London by Naniwa Boeki Shokai and Showa Menka.
They are Japan Vilene, Sun Chemical*, Synic*, Kanai Juyo Kogyo, Fujiko*, Tsujitomi Asa Boseki*, Toa Wool Spinning & Weaving*, Nippon Fushokufu*, Naniwa Kenmen, Sanko Keito Boseki*, Kureha*, Nippon Direct Cloth*, Kuraray, Otsuka Boseki*, Nippon Felt Kogyo*, Kurashiki Sen'i Kako, Kokko Seishi, Tanaka, Yuho Boseki* and Fujibo Ehime.
Tenders are invited for System: Pump Naniwa Alg-32sj, 2.
Among the five who were arrested Monday was Hideo Namba, 61, president of Osaka-based Naniwa Consultants International Co.
a temple in Naniwa that later came to be known as Shitennoji.