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see OsakaOsaka
, city (1990 pop. 2,623,801), capital of Osaka prefecture, S Honshu, Japan, on Osaka Bay, at the mouth of the Yodo River. One of Japan's largest cities and principal industrial and commercial centers, Osaka is the focal point of a chain of industrial cities (called the
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, Japan.
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In the Japanese, one may hear the rhyming u sounds of Tsu, kuni, and yume; the off-rhyme of naniwa with kareha; the off-rhymes of nare, kare(ha), kaze, and nari.
market condition and the joint project's low-cost operations made possible by the use of idle gas turbines, Naniwa Energy will recover investment in four to five years, according to Kansai Electric President Hiroshi Ishikawa.
Fukutoku Bank and Naniwa Bank merged into Namihaya Bank in October 1998, with the help of an injection of 300 billion yen in public funds.
The Osaka regional call center is located at the Naniwa tax office.
The RCC, which took over the bad loans of the collapsed Namihaya Bank, established after the merger of the Bank of Naniwa and Fukutoku Bank, filed the lawsuit against Fujinaga, seeking 200 million yen in compensation for damage allegedly caused by the loans.
The predecessors were Fukutoku Bank and the Bank of Naniwa.
An explosion rocked the Naniwa factory of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
7 billion yen, taking into account the cost of the merger of its two predecessors -- Fukutoku Bank and Naniwa Bank -- in October 1998.
Asked about responsibility for the bank's failure, another administrator, Tsuneo Yamada, said they will investigate the management of former executives, including those who managed Namihaya's two predecessor banks -- Fukutoku Bank and Naniwa Bank which merged in October 1998.
Namihaya Bank, the product of an October 1998 merger of two troubled banks in Osaka -- Fukutoku Bank and Naniwa Bank -- filed with the FRC for liquidation Friday, giving up on a plan to issue new shares to recapitalize.
The HCL-750 from Naniwa Products is an improved version of the firm's vertically actuating coldbox core machine.
In tandem with the law, Namihaya Bank was created through the merger of Fukutoku Bank and Bank of Naniwa.