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26) Abigaill Levy Franks' letters to her son Naphtali, written between 1733 and 1748, after the latter left New York for London, present the most obvious case in point.
Speaking about a new scheme, which will see a team of police, NHS and mental health workers patrolling the city in the future, Mr Naphtali, whose cousin, Michael Powell, died in police custody in 2003, said: "If street triage had been in existence back then he would probably be still alive today.
The next clause of Isaiah 8:23 is taken to say that "the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali did lighten [its burden].
In October, Colombian Navy and Air Force killed FARC 30th Front commander Jorge Naphtali Umenza Velasco, alias "Mincho," the drug trafficking kingpin of Colombia's Pacific coast.
TALKS: Durham County Council's Simon Henig, above right, with Bob McManners of Bishop Auckland Civic Society STAYING IN THE NORTHEAST: Three of the historic Zurbar[sz]n paintings, Reuben, above, Naphtali, left, and Joseph, below, at Auckland Castle GIFT: Jonathan Ruffer
Naphtali Herz Wessely warned prospective translators of the classics: "[D]o not mention the names of the ancient gods that the Greeks and Romans referred to in their poems and ethics, and to which all the European poets of our times are drawn, for Jacob supped not of things like these.
BUYER Bishop Richard Trevor paid pounds 124 for the paintings NAPHTALI Portrayed as a toiler of the land JACOB Shown leaning heavily on his staff of life AUTHOR Robert McManners who wrote a book about the Zurbarans
Moreover, in the narrative on the commercial transactions that financed Solomon's imposing building works (palaces), it is said of the specific presence of Huram, "[His] mother was a widow from the tribe of Naphtali and [his] father was a man of Tyre and a craftsman in bronze.
Onwuka GI Food Analysis and Instrumentation (Theory and Practice): Naphtali Printers, Lagos.
TEL AVIV, Israel, November 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Naphtali Goldman (34) the sole owner of the Lucky 18 Group (http://www.
His edition begins with quotes from Testament of Naphtali 2:9 (20) (labeled with the marginal gloss "yesterday"), and 1 Cor.
A number of living Anglo-Jewish figures are represented in the novel, and the most intriguing real person is Naphtali Herz Imber, the author of Hatikvah, himself beautifully portrayed in Hutchings Hapgood's great book of New York's Lower East Side The Spirit of the Ghetto.