Napoleon, Louis

Napoleon, Louis,

1800–1881, African American abolitionist. He lived in a community of free blacks in Staten Island, N.Y., working as a porter and furniture polisher while secretly operating as an "agent" of the Underground RailroadUnderground Railroad,
in U.S. history, loosely organized system for helping fugitive slaves escape to Canada or to areas of safety in free states. It was run by local groups of Northern abolitionists, both white and free blacks.
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. With fellow New York abolitionist and newspaperman Sidney GayGay, Sidney Howard,
1814–88, American abolitionist and publisher, b. Hingham, Mass. Following several failed business ventures, he was drawn to the work of the abolitionists and moved to New York City (1843), where he joined the American Anti-Slavery Society and edited
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, Napoleon helped thousands of fugitive slaves on their journey northward.


See study E. Foner (2015).

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