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NARA said changes made to the original development plan in July 2010 will result in lower costs.
Kppner, Memphis, TN, 31 July 1865, Issuances, Box 40, Regimental Books and Papers USCT, 59th USCI, RG 94, NARA [G-217 FSSP].
For the first time, the new guidance specifies how and when NARA will conduct inspections to monitor compliance.
8 Physical and holdings security--The report warns NARA must maintain adequate levels of security to protect the safety and integrity of its staff and records from natural and manmade disasters.
Further complicating plans for the EOP system, according to Koontz, is the fact that NARA officials have not received details from the White House about the incoming records.
The ERA funding also includes $2 million for NARA to begin working with the Naval Oceanographic Office at the National Center for Critical Information Processing and Storage (NCCIPS) at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.
The day-to-day operations of what NARA now refers to as its e-Government depend on reliable management of the rapidly increasing amount of electronic records that are created every hour of every day in the U.
Managing Web records properly is essential to effective Web site operations, especially the mitigation of the risks an agency, faces by using the Web to carry out agency business," NARA noted in the guidance.
NARA criticized the move in a statement that read, in part: "[The e-archiving project] is a critical need due to the volume and rapid obsolescence of electronic records today, let alone in the future.
The NACSTB report warned that NARA lacks the technical experience needed to find a way to deal with the growing number of electronic records created across the federal government.
government required by law to be archived by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is staggering--so much so that President Bush proposed a fiscal year 2004 budget of more than $300 million to assist NARA in addressing preservation, technology, and storage needs.