Hadrian's Wall

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Hadrian's Wall,

ancient Roman wall, 73.5 mi (118.3 km) long, across the narrow part of the island of Great Britain from Wallsend on the Tyne River to Bowness at the head of Solway Firth. It was mainly built from c.A.D. 122 to 126 under Emperor Hadrian and was extended by Emperor Severus a century later. The wall demarcated the northern boundary and defense line of Roman Britain. Fragments of the wall, 6 ft (1.8 m) high and 8 ft (2.4 m) thick, and many of the "mile stations" (stone blockhouses along the wall constructed every Roman mile) remain. Hadrian's Wall, which has been preserved, is one of the largest and most significant remains of the Roman occupation.
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From the machinist's perspective then, an inductive iris looks like a metal wall rising vertically from the groove in either half of a split block, separating open cavities that are as tall as the narrow wall of the guide and as deep as half the broad wall.
But Tom Kositzky, with the APA-Engineered Wood Association, says a z4-inch code legal narrow wall can be built on site for a fraction of what the pre-fab panels cost.
Look out too for panel radiators in tall, thin shapes - ideal for narrow wall spaces where a high level of heat out put is needed.
The narrow wall bracing method, a site-built solution for narrow walls adjacent to the garage became a part of the 2004 supplement to the International Residential Code (IRC) and will eventually become part of the 2006 IRC Code Book.
Wide pull-out base units are also highly desirable, coupled with long narrow wall units.
He was trapped against a narrow wall as party supporters freed him from the protesters.
Trade and consumer media coverage of the APA findings is part of the Association's ongoing promotion of a site-built narrow wall bracing detail that supports the larger goal of fully sheathed walls.
In past earthquakes, structural failures occurred near large openings where the lateral forces were transmitted through narrow wall segments.
APA--The Engineered Wood Association has recently completed full-scale destructive testing and analysis of narrow wall frame sections that are designed to brace against high winds and earthquakes around garages and other large openings.
Her movements were constricted by the space, restricted to the little bit that can happen between narrow walls, bars and a locked door.
He added: "Our vision extends beyond the narrow walls of the classrooms and textbooks as it intends to give the students in the Kingdom a truly global perspective by providing international level schooling facilities.
The floor and two narrow walls were treated to the textural effect of Motivo Croc, with the remaining walls given a smooth finish using Pure White stone.