Hadrian's Wall

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Hadrian's Wall,

ancient Roman wall, 73.5 mi (118.3 km) long, across the narrow part of the island of Great Britain from Wallsend on the Tyne River to Bowness at the head of Solway Firth. It was mainly built from c.A.D. 122 to 126 under Emperor Hadrian and was extended by Emperor Severus a century later. The wall demarcated the northern boundary and defense line of Roman Britain. Fragments of the wall, 6 ft (1.8 m) high and 8 ft (2.4 m) thick, and many of the "mile stations" (stone blockhouses along the wall constructed every Roman mile) remain. Hadrian's Wall, which has been preserved, is one of the largest and most significant remains of the Roman occupation.
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California (Andreason and Rose 1994) revealed that damage occurred at the narrow wall segments near large openings such as wide windows and garage doors and along the top of the foundation.
The floor and two narrow walls were treated to the textural effect of Motivo Croc, with the remaining walls given a smooth finish using Pure White stone.
We have to ask why our ancestors loved to be in the heart of nature, with the hills and the streams, and why we have condemned ourselves to the narrow walls, low roofed prison cells of vertical urban structures, where we lose contact with the earth.
On either side of the escalator are narrow walls that are a photo-collage of New York City, with a lot of blue sky and famous buildings.
If your room is long and narrow with a window on either side of the narrow walls, you may wish to consider the following.
Unfortunately it was upwards in another sense as the club was shunted back upstairs at the Venue - with its forgettable lighting system and narrow walls that crush any club life out of you - for last Friday's monthly session.
For instance, if you have a long narrow space, put a dark color on one of the narrow walls.
previous inconsistency problems were solved via casting after the foundry devised a unique tool design to prevent fillets in the corners to meet the right-angle design and a sophisticated gating system to fill the narrow walls (0.
A lot of such strings blowing bubbles produces a froth in which the matter is compressed into narrow walls between the bubbles, and there galaxies and clusters form.
Even so, all this trouble might have been worth it if the artworks themselves provoked something meaningful, like the kind of phenomenological dislocation that Bruce Nauman accomplished so powerfully in his Live-Taped Video Corridor, 1970, where viewers were submitted to a disorienting disconnection between their bodies, pressed between narrow walls, and their images fed back to them as seen from behind.
APA's Narrow Walls That Work includes details for building over permanent foundations and raised wood floors.
This involves the men pushing on the narrow walls with their legs to steer a boat through the three-mile tunnel.