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The therapeutic washing out of an organ.



a medical procedure used to cleanse mechanically the walls and contents of such tubular organs as the vagina or urethra and surrounding tissues. A lavage may also be performed for therapeutic and preventive medical purposes; in such cases, it is based on the action of a chemical agent or temperature. Warm boiled water or solutions of various medicinal substances are used in the procedure.

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Subjects received a standard nasal inoculum of LAIV (FluMist; MedImmune, Gaithersburg, MD; administered by study nurse according to manufacturer's instructions) in both nostrils on day 0 and then returned at intervals (days 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9) for repeat nasal lavages.
In this study, the saccharin particle was always placed in the nostril that was not sampled for NLF, as irrigation of the nasal mucosal surface that occurs during nasal lavage could alter saccharin transit time.
For comparisons of the concentration of inflammatory mediators in the nasal lavage samples between the WTC workers and the control group, independent t-tests (Statistica 8.
We collected the nasal lavage fluid (NAL) samples according to the protocol described by Hirvonen et al.
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PARTICIPANTS AND MEASUREMENTS: Twenty-nine volunteers provided symptom reports, ocular electromyograms, measurement of eye tear film break-up time, vital staining of the eye, nasal lavage, acoustic rhinometry, transfer tests, and dynamic spirometry.
We measured inflammatory markers in nasal lavage samples before, directly after, and at 2 hr postexposure.
Hypothesizing that a neurochemical alteration related to sensory hyperreactivity (SHR) of the airway mucosa occurs, we measured levels of nerve growth factor (NGF) in nasal lavage fluid (NAL) before and after capsaicin inhalation provocations and related the capsaicin cough sensitivity to the NGF levels.
In addition to LUBRIN(R), the Company is gearing up to introduce ENTsol(TM) Nasal Lavage System in September.
The nasal lavage supernatants were frozen at -70[degrees]C for cytokine analysis.
Nasal lavage was performed immediately before particle or clean air exposure, immediately after exposure, and 4, 18 and 42 hr after pollen challenge.