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see NazcaNazca
or Nasca
, ancient culture of the Nazca, Pisco, and Ica river valleys on the desert coast of S Peru. Flourishing during the first millennium A.D., the Nazca culture seems to have developed out of the Paracas culture, and after 900 it was apparently under
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He said that lines like the ones in Nasca would be "a language to communicate where underground wells and aqueducts are located".
The Nasca eventually cut down so many trees that they reached a tipping point at which the arid ecosystem was irreversibly damaged.
Williams believes that understanding the Nasca culture is especially important because they were the predecessors to the Wari--one of the area's most influential societies in South America which predated the Inca by four centuries.
The finding comes from an analysis of the diet-related substances that had collected and remain ha the teeth of unearthed Nasca trophy heads.
The taking of trophy heads, their appearance in mortuary contexts and in Nasca art, is discussed in detail and is one of the practices probably of greatest interest to the non-specialist.
The next morning, she tried to thumb a ride back to Nasca and, with the help of local villagers, flagged down a car.
Coming soon, NIC is working with NASCA to release a members-only section that will continue to connect state chief administrators nationwide and foster collaboration.
Anyone who rides a bus on the Pan-American Highway from the Peruvian capital of Lima to Nasca, the centre of a pre-Inca civilisation of almost two millennia ago, is bound to be struck by the sheer desolation of the landscape through which they travel.
David J Nasca, president and CEO of the bank, said, 'It's a clean quarter.
Nasca, ACGME's executive director, urging the accrediting body to adopt rules that aim to reduce sleep deprivation and to better protect patients, Dr.
The Chilean quake was a so-called thrust earthquake, which occurs when a large section of the Earth's surface-in this case, the Nasca tectonic plate-dives beneath an adjacent plate.
In parts of what's now Peru, the Nasca and other prehistoric civilizations collected heads as spoils of war.