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asian pear

asian pear

Expensive in food stores, great to have growing in your yard.
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Described as a multisensory anti-aging scent that combines skin care properties with fragrance, the juice opens with refreshing paradise berry, bamboo leaf and green cardamom, melting into a heart of white mimosa, white peony, freesia and nashi pear, drying down to a base of sandalwood and other woody notes.
The catalog also features the newest trend in home fragrance, the 2014 ScenTrend Scent of the Year, Simply Nashi Pear, which combines the sweet taste of a pear with the crispness of an apple for a beautiful balance of juicy sweetness.
Blended with notes of gardenia, ylang ylang blossoms, mandarin, and nashi pear, Wisteria also has a hint of airy musk.
Bright and sunny, Simply Nashi Pear inspires cheerfulness for 2014
2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- International fragrance leader, Scentsy Fragrance today announced Simply Nashi Pear, a mouthwatering blend of juicy sweetness, as ScenTrend 2014.
Nashi pears range in color from speckled green to sunny golden, and the Simply Nashi Pear fragrance combines the sweet taste of a pear with the crispness of an apple - creating a beautiful balance of juicy sweetness.
Don't be rude and ask how much they weigh, because those Trader Vic's BBQ Kobe short ribs with nashi pear salad and soy sake glazed Hawaiian ono with green papaya salad are hard to refuse