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NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface

Novell NetWare.



an ethnic group living in the provinces of Yünnan and Szechwan (People’s Republic of China). They number 143,000 (1953 census). The language of the Nasi belongs to the Tibeto-Burmese group. Their religions are lamaism and shamanism, with vestiges of more ancient beliefs (particularly the cult of trees). The main occupation is the cultivation of rice and corn. The Nasi have retained a distinctive material culture in their timber-frame dwellings and their clothing.


Narody Vostochnoi Azii. Moscow-Leningrad, 1965.


(1) (NetWare Asynchronous Service Interface) A protocol from Novell for connecting to modems in a communications server. It was derived from the NCSI protocol. NASI provides more advanced features than the common int 14 (interrupt 14) method. It allows a specific modem or line to be chosen. It frees the call more quickly, and it transfers data more efficiently.

(2) (National Association of Systems Integrators, Falmouth, MA, An organization founded in 1991 that maintains and sells computer industry mailing lists. For example, in 2004, for the advertised price of USD $7,995, NASI offered a contact list of 40,000 system integrators and VARs.
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Al Nasi urged all firms to abide by the UAE Labour Law, which states the importance of settling labour matters before closing to avoid sanctions.
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Anche nei racconti, quali Epitaffi e Precetti, in cui la riflessione sulla traduzione non sembra avere un ruolo predominante, benche implicitamente presente, Nasi dimostra "che non si traduce mai da lingua a lingua ma da cultura a cultura" (83).
In October, as part of the company's growth strategy, NASI signed an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Theseus Imaging Corporation, which is expected to introduce a radiopharmaceutical agent (Apomate(tm)) in its product line.
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Under this arrangement, NASI shareholders will control 62.
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We are pleased with our 1998 financial results and the strong growth NASI experienced throughout the year, primarily resulting from the introduction of our Iodine-125 brachytherapy line which was launched in January 1998," said L.