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, city (1987 pop. 265,937), provincial capital, SE Iraq, on the Euphrates River. It is the center of a date-growing region. Founded in 1870, the city was captured by the British in 1915. Nearby are the ruins of Ur.
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, Iraq.
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Meanwhile, unknwon gunmen shot dead former MP Sheikh Jamal Al-Fares in front of his house in Nasiriya, said the source.
Dubbed the Nasiriya Integrated Project, the field stores over four billion barrels worth of oil.
But now, monthly room rates in Nasiriya, for example, have skyrocketed to Dh2,000 u more than double the previous rents there.
Officials yesterday confirmed at least 30 Shia pilgrims were killed in bomb attacks in the southern city of Nasiriya.
NASIRIYA, Iraq: On 22 October, US President Barack Obama announced that all US troops would leave Iraq by the end of this year.
In a report by AK News, Musab al-Mudarres, a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, said that the network-boosting project would increase the output of plants in Dawra, Rashid, Adhamiya, Sadr, Basra, Nasiriya, Amara, Baiji and Kirkuk.
Some officers graduating from the two military colleges located in Kurdistan--at Qala Tchwalan and Zakho--are assigned to the new Iraqi army, like the officers graduating from the two military colleges located in the Arab region of Iraq--at Nasiriya and Baghdad.
It said the people who carried out the attack were bussed in from Basra, Amara, Nasiriya and Baghdad.
The assailants were bussed from Basra, Amara, Nasiriya and Baghdad to the gates of the Camp, which has been subjected to a year-long propaganda barrage by 180 loudspeakers and increasing restrictions on the entry of medical supplies, food and other essential items.
The two-man and two-women gang was detained during their attempt to rob a goldsmith shop in Habbouby Street in Central Nasiriya," he said, adding that the gang "was recognized by owners of shops that had been robbed recently and the raising of court cases against them," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The Mandaean priest Sheikh Dukhayil, then the ganzibra of Nasiriya, initiated a suit against al-Hassani and presented a copy of the Ginza Rba before a court of law in Baghdad.
The crisis resulting from the power shortages started when two demonstrations broke out within three days in Iraq's southern cities of Nasiriya and Basra.